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Article by Allan Codling Hey Allan Codling here, When we get our puppies we often look for dog training advice but often in the wrong places. The primary focus that we need to have is on dog obedience training as it is a crucial aspect for dog owners. Dog obedience training methods are the basis […]
Article by Ryan Pitts First and the most vital tip which can be described regarding dog training is endurance. It’s very easy to be irritated and you may quit on your puppy, since you will yell at your pet dog just for going to the bedroom inside the house. Nonetheless there are many ideas that […]
issue of : How can I train and take care, my chihuahua dog Well, I have two dogs Chihuahua and it only 3 months I want them to learn many tricks, but do not know how and my 2 dogs are afraid to take a walk on a leash and what they like to eat […]
Question by : How do I train my dogs? I have four chihuahuas, one of which we are rehoming due to excessive marking and general dislike of his character. The others, are two females and one male (he is scheduled to be neutered in a few days). The dogs came to us from various places, […]